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SMU Sustainable Investment (SMU SI), formerly known as SMU Impact Investing, is the first and currently the only student club in Singapore to have an exclusive focus on sustainable finance. Founded in 2018, SMU SI now comprises over 100 members and continuously seeks to grow and nurture a community made up of like-minded individuals across varying academic backgrounds and levels of experience.



To nurture future leaders of sustainable investments, capable of managing an impact and sustainability-focused fund.


To accelerate the adoption of a sustainability lens to investing through education, research and networking with industry professionals.



SMU Sustainable Investment Club aims to achieve three main objectives by way of this initiative:

Bridging the Awareness Gap: We aim to build awareness and educate the community on impact investments and more broadly sustainable finance through education, research and networking with industry professionals

Thematic Research: We aim to develop a reliable database of information by publishing thematic research related to ESG factors

Next Generation Investors: We aim to develop a new generation of investors who are strongly motivated to adopt a sustainability lens when evaluating investment opportunities

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