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Two Focus Areas

Investments Focus

  • Key goal is to analyse impact investments financially while accounting for impact on people and society brought by these products and services

  • Aim to lay groundwork for eventual real impact investments through club's fund structure

  • Involves identifying and analysing potential investments in each impact sector and geography by understanding:

    • Business Models​

    • Markets and growth potential

    • Products or services offered

    • Societal effects and issues tackled

Research Focus

  • Key goal is to understand impact sectors and to devise impact goals and social metrics for them

  • Aim to deliver reports that will be used to make real impact investments via partnerships with industry players

  • Focus on insights from development economics studies especially regarding sectors such as microfinance and education, by understanding: 

    • Industry Insights​

    • Key Trends

    • Policy initiatives

    • Impact goals

    • Risk analysis

    • Path forward

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