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Our Members

SMU Sustainable Investment Club has 2 membership tracks:
1. General Member
2. Analyst

Find out more about these 2 membership tracks below!

Membership fee of $12 applies to both General Members and Analysts.

General Members

  1. No minimum commitment

  2. Lifetime membership


  1. Access to all masterclasses and all speaker sessions throughout the academic year

  2. Apply knowledge learnt in masterclasses to produce a research paper according to the sector that the analyst is interested in [Agriculture, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare]

  3. Groups of 5/6 analysts tagged to one research/investment director to gain hands-on experience producing high-quality thematic research paper to be done once a semester

  4. Exclusive networking sessions and collaboration opportunities with external companies that collaborate with SMUII

  5. High commitment throughout the semester

  6. 1-year Analyst membership, converted to General Membership at the end of term

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