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Specially curated content to cover the latest industry knowledge in relation to sustainable finance and technical skillsets.



Fundamental Analysis

  • Introduction to basic financial and investing concepts, financial statement analysis and different valuation techniques.

  • To complement their models, members also pick up research skills in analysing key industry trends, historical data and industry metrics to adapt their model assumptions.


ESG Analysis

  • Introduction to ESG as a framework as well as the role it plays in identifying ESG risks and opportunities for investment evaluation.

  • Members will also learn to comprehend key ESG/sustainability trends, analyse a company’s sustainability report and incorporate material ESG factors into their fundamental analysis and financial models.


Impact Investing

  • Introduction to the concept of Impact Investing and where it sits in the spectrum of sustainable finance.

  • Theoretical frameworks such as Theory of Change, SROI as well as common metrics that are covered by the UN SDGs and GIIN’s IRIS+ will be covered.


Case Competitions

  • To wrap-up, our internal and external case competitions provide a platform for the members to showcase and apply the knowledge they have acquired across the academic year.

  • A panel of industry professionals are invited to judge these competitions and provide valuable feedback with industry insight.

Virtual Portfolio Intiative

  • During the summer break, SMU SI Analysts undertake a research project focused on a company and industry of their choosing. This project aims to build investment ideas for SMU SI's virtual portfolio.

  • Throughout the project, analysts receive personalized 1-to-1 guidance from EXCO members, who walk them through the entire process of analyzing a company and crafting a compelling pitch. The project typically spans 2-3 weeks, providing ample time for in-depth exploration.

  • Participating in this project allows analysts to enhance their skills in various areas, including research, financial analysis, and modeling. Moreover, they gain valuable insights into sustainability analysis and the seamless integration of ESG factors in their investment strategies.


Only requires a one-time membership fee of $15 for lifetime access to exclusive events.

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