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Agritech Landscape in South Africa

The research paper revolves around the agri-tech industry in South Africa. We first researched the overview of Agritech and wrote about its importance in the world today. We then took a deep dive into the Agtech scene in South Africa. The Agtech scene in South Africa is flourishing and doing extremely well, but there is still room for growth. We did a case study on a start-up known as Aerobotics and found specific areas of improvement for it.

Various impact measurement metrics learnt from the masterclasses was then incorporated into the research paper to show how the Agtech scene in South Africa has had an environmental and social impact. Sustainable Development Goals were outlined in the paper and we analysed if the company was on the right track.

Lastly, we came up with recommendations for the problems we identified. The Agtech scene in South Africa is booming, and there is more that we can leverage off of if we sought to solve these solutions.

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