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What We Do As A Club?

SMU Sustainable Investment focuses on educating students about sustainable investing through collaborations with companies. Moreover, we conduct introductory classes for students to get better knowledge about impact investing and also host various case competitions with our partners. Additionally, we give opportunity to our members to publish research papers and also host networking events so that our members could get insights of impact investing in real world!

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Our weekly masterclasses form the backbone of our club, curated with the help from faculty advisors, industry professionals and supported by secondary research. These education sessions are developed around the impact ecosystem, impact investing tools and measurement frameworks across various sectors.

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Case Competitions

To continually engage our members, SMU II also organizes external events, such as case competitions to provide members with greater exposure and opportunities to showcase their passion.

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Research Papers

Our club gives a platform to members to able to work on research papers with industry professionals in the sustainable finance space. The most recent one was the TRIVE White paper, which was focused on Technology in Alternative Foods.


The purpose of networking is to meet business partners and people in person. SMU SI aims to increase the connections of our members and help them gain useful insights and build the relationship. 

Networking Sessions


Beneath the Surface

'Beneath the Surface' aims to help SMU SI members uncover the inner workings of various pillars within sustainable finance. The event is intended to help undergraduates develop a clearer understanding of the opporturnities available and pursue their preferred area of interest.

Why Join Us?

These are the gains you can look forward to when you join us.



Gain exposure to financial skills and knowledge from professionals and apply them in analysing potential investments in different sectors



Drive Change

Drive real change by influencing impact investment decisions in healthcare, education, energy, agriculture, financial inclusion and other sectors.

Drive Change



Widen your network with industry professionals from the financial investments sector and from other related areas such as technology, private equity, and asset management.


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